Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Angel Whispers by #mgstephens216

Angel Whispers started back when  was a child in the 1980s.  I spent a lot of time alone as a child and would spend time at the beach collecting sea glass that i learned from a friend.  Many times walking the beach collecting the glass I would be in a constant walk of prayer. I only pick up the glass in my path,as I walk in constant prayer  i receive great confirmation while listening to the angel whispers as they guide me.

What $25.00 gets you your own custom made pendulum with your personalized Angel Whisper.


 #mgstephens216 aka #thecrossstreetoracle216


         Angel Whispers   
                       by theCSO216                                                   


Make an appointment with mgstephens216@gmail.com me4 your Angel Whisper message.  As I say to you your angel message. I will be creating a 4 link  chain to your custom made pendulum.  You can use this pendulum to signal in on a angel messages and signal in on  angelic healing to heal u and others. #mgstephens216 
Cash only on site! to make appointment inbox here-mgstephens216@gmail.com
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                  *for entertainment purposes only*




Heart embrace

Unleash Love


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$25 gets you a personal Angel whisper message and a pendulum. As I give you your message I will be creating your pendulum at the same time. At the end of the reading I will teach you how to use your pendulum- 

All this for only $25.00
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 30 minute appointment=
15 min Angel Whisper reading-
15 mins to go over on how to use your personal custom made pendulum just for you ;)
anything over 30 mins will be an additional cost. $25 per every extra 15 mins
thank you Namaste
 Marisa Gumercinda Stephens

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